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Hey Deathwing, Call me, Maybe?

Posted on May 4, 2012 by Kieble

Last night Deathwing finally went down, and oh has the trip been so very long. It only took 2 attempts, the first one with Krieger and Naznar repping the Fail Train all out. However, the second attempt went great, impales were taken, people got out, and noobness was overcome (other than a final platform fail by subwoofer - "Someone told me to click Dream so I clicked it!").

What can be said, there have been a lot of people that have helped us get to the downing of Deathwing, half of which weren't there. We have to give credit to our fellow players that helped, but weren't able to partake in the downing; Bobbyd, Blackshade, Metsfan, Vachadavid. We wouldn't have made it here without the countless hours they put in. And outside of raiding with us, Guild Mother Fenja has to be given credit too for always keeping the herbs and fish stocked so G1 never had to go without flasks/ feasts.

Overall, it's been a great time, lots of goofy raid inside jokes, lots of close almost wipes that ended in a breath of relief, and lots of friends made in the process. The raiding doesn't stop here, and the idea is to move to 25m for the rest of the expansion to see if we can get some others their titles and achievements, but the times in this 10m, both ups and down have been great.

A special thanks to the line up that was there last night, Mildchipotle, Tamizzle, Escanavi, Krieger(or Kreiger, he isn't sure how to spell it either), Gorom, Naznar, Subwoofer, Swish, Ellena. You guys have made this expansion fun and I'm glad we got this down and ended 3rd on Alliance. Something to be proud of. Untill Mists of Pandaria / Diablo 3, I salute you all!

I don't think I need a spine. It's holding me back.

Posted on April 18, 2012 by Kieble

Spine is finally dead! After 99 attempts, we got our kill! WOOT! Very clean kill to, no deaths. You can see the logs here: SPINE. We didn't get a video due to Tamale being lame and not wanting to record 99 attempts (weak, I know), but we should have soon. After the death of the spine, we moved onto the Madness and got to platform 3 after only an hour of attempts. Hopefully thursday everything clicks and we get madness of deathwing this week too! That would set us up as we lose Vachadavid starting next thursday for one month! (Seriously, who picks a month vacation over WOW? - I guess this guy: VACHA!

Group 2 is now 4/8 after getting both Warlord and Ultraxion down! They are working on hagara and should have her soon!

Group 3 is going good now too and has reached 3/8. They are currently going for warlord followed by Hagara!

There is also now a G4 which is 3/8 which we picked up from a guild that split off from Game Over. Always welcoming people that don't get along with Nudist!

I'm on a boat!!! Well.... not anymore!

Posted on March 21, 2012 by Kieble

The last few weeks have been crazy to say the least. Group 1 killed Warmaster Blackhorn after 2-3 weeks of attempts. Once we got the barrages and transition phase down, it was pretty simple of a fight. We lost Bobbyd this week (another casualty to late expansion raiding and burning out). However, Vachadavid formerly from Space Jam has come back and joined us, giving us the twin rogues of rocking that are dominating the meters with Swish. This shold provide us the DPS we need to get some good progression with Spine. In our 5+ attempts we already have one plate gone!

Group 2 has now killed Morchok and Yor'sahj and are working on both Ultraxion and Zon'ozz. With some minor IRL set backs they should have them both this coming week and be rocking the heroic bosses!

Lastly! Introducing a new Group 3 a few weeks ago! Multiple raiders from another guild have decided to join us and start up a Group 3. Already G3 has cleared their first week, and killed heroic Morchok their second week! Fast progressing! They'll be working on other heroics this week and hope to get another one down soon!

Overall major things have been happening for UV in the last few weeks and the groups are now: G1-6/8H | G2-2/8H | G3-1/8H. Great job to everyone!

Double Heroic Bosses Down!!!

Posted on February 22, 2012 by Kieble

On Monday of this week, Group 1 was able to finally get Hagara down. The actual fight wasn't the worst, but with changing out a tank and a dps due to real life issues mid progression it was really getting frustrating. However, after training the new guys on the strat we were using, it only took one week for Hagara to fall! She was a pain, but not nearly as hard as the amount of time it took us to get her reflected.

Next we headed to Warlord Zon'ozz, who previously we had done about 5 attempts on before Hagara and decided to go with her. First attempt we got him to 27%, and from there it was just a series of working out the kinks and learning when to do heroism, by the end of the night he was down no problem. One of the simpler fights we've had so far this expansion but we do vastly out gear it.

Overall, 2 new bosses in 2 days was huge for Group 1 and we are now 5/8! Next up Warmaster Blackhorn!

Group 2 Heroic Morchok Kill!

Posted on February 14, 2012 by Kieble

Last night Group 2 was able to take down Heroic Morchok! After a few attempts last week with an explosion to Fenja's computer, they spent Thursday doing recon and were able to kill it last night and still had time to full clear! Group ones new addition Subwoofer the rogue was there to help as he had a clear lock after server transfering! Also there is a new healer for G2 as Rezenent needed to take some time off, Eulune the pally will be their new healer!

Group 1 has now lost 2 people since killing heroic ultraxion so it has been a race to replace instead of learning new bosses. However, Hagara is hovering around 15% so with the new addiiton of Subwoofer, G1 should be able to clear her within the next week. Due to Blackshades need to stop playing, subwoofer is the new rogue and his first raid with G1 will be thursday!

Heroic Ultraxion!

Posted on January 24, 2012 by Kieble

We decided to go for Ultraxion next and were pleasantly surprised. First pull we died at 8%. We spent all of the next raid day trying but couldn't push past that 4% marker. Finally this week we rocked it down after 3 attempts making it an early night! We've had some problems with peoples computers and work so things are hectic but we are pulling through. However, we have a nice shake up with Metsfan having to step out of the group due to IRL issues. So we are looking for a healer, or tank (so I can go feral!) if anyone has one!

Group 2 has killed 2 more bosses and are working on Madness of Deathwing! WOO! They're in the last phase and just working on cleaning it up. Should be good new this week!

Heroic Yor'Sahj the Unsleeping!

Posted on January 10, 2012 by Kieble

"Let's make Yor'sahj take a nap" - Blackshade. Yes, that's british humour for you. We finally got it down after multiple wipes that were heart breaking including an 8%, 3% and .4% wipes. Yes, .4 - Brutal. However, we have that sucker down. Probably head to Ultraxion or Warlord next, depends on what we are feeling like, but it's nice to now have two bosses down. We got a little behind due to breaks but we're back and better than ever!

Group 2 lost two raiders this week, so they are hindered a little, but looking for more so if you know anyone looking to join a raiding guild that is on The Boat boss, let us know or post on the forums!

Heroic Morchok Down! Holiday break over!

Posted on January 5, 2012 by Kieble

Unyielding Valor is back from the holidays and getting our first real looks at the other heroic bosses in Dragon Soul. Morchok went down the first week of attempts with ease, however shortly after the holidays came up and we had to use fill ins and only one night of raiding. Currently, we're seeing Yor'sahj at about 20% health with just a couple problems in DPS. However, with a new set of gear for some players, and some MAJOR upgrades (read 359 to 397) we have confidence we are going to get it down this week.

Group 2 will also be starting back up this week with their core group after taking a full break while the holidays were upon us. They are working on "The Boat" boss, after downing Ultraxion before the break. Having the 3 week break with some players focusing on LFR gearing will set them up to get into the swing of things now that everyone has returned!

As expected both groups took a hit on progression over the holidays but everyone is excited to be back and ready to raid. After some brief problems with Naznar's account getting hacked and losing the whole Guild Bank, we are all set to start the domination. Here's to Unyielding Valor in 2012!


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