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The famous Haste Calculator

Haste Breakpoint Calculator Tool!

Welcome to the haste breakpoint calculator tool. What this tool is meant to do is show you where your current haste is located compared to breakpoints that vastly affect your spec / class. Often times hitting a breakpoint will provide a major improvement in HPS / DPS, and this tool is to help you with easily realizing where you sit. Type in your name and server. Hit search. If the haste breakpoint tool comes up with your character correctly, submit it, with any procs you wish to have displayed and a table will appear. The green haste numbers are one you are reaching with the select buffs, and red are ones you have yet to hit. You can add buffs from trinkets, heroism, or procs at the bottom along with an input area incase you want to add any other extra amount.

For any comments, questions or bug reports; please post on our forums here. It is an open forum so feel free to post without registering. Password is "Neil"

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